Steps to Enroll in Cascade County 4-H

Step 1: Determine Child's Age Eligibilty

Ensure your child is of 4-H age.  4-H age is determined by your child's actual age on October 1st of the 4-H year.  For example, your child may be 12 years old and born on December 17th.  If you enroll your child this 4-H year which begins October 1, your child's 4-H age for the entire year will be considered 12 years old even after he/she has his/her 13th birthday in December.



Step 2: Select A 4-H Club

Youth must enroll in at least one chartered 4-H club within the county. Each club is unique to the members and leaders.  All clubs in Cascade County are "Community Clubs" meaning that any member- regardless of their project selections, is welcome.  For example, one club member may take photography and cooking projects, while another member is in the rabbit and interior design projects.  Both may be members in the same club.
  1. Find the club that fits with your family.
  2. Select a couple clubs that interest you. 
  3. Contact the Organizational Leader to learn more about their club and to express your interest in joining. Some clubs may have certain requirements to join such as attendance/participation minimums or living withing a certain distance of the meeting place.  You may not join a club until you have first made contact with the Organizational Leader.
  4. Once you've made contact with a club, you are ready to select projects.

Step 3: Select A Project(s)

Montana 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide has a list of all the projects available and the curriculum/project materials needed for the project. Stop by the Cascade County MSU Extension Office located at 3300 3rd Street NE #9, Great Falls, Montana Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and pick up your copy.

It is recommended that first-year members limit their selection to 2-3 projects within one year.

**Cloverbuds may only take the Cloverbud Project.  There are additional opportunities for Cloverbuds to expirement with specific projects, events, contests, and activities throughout the 4-H year, but their official project is "Cloverbud" which is an introductory, non-competative project geared specifically for their age group.**

Step 4: Enroll Online

You have a club, you have projects selected, and you're ready to jump in

Go to the online enrollment system, and set up your profile. After submitting the enrollment, your member status will be listed as "Pending" until you have completed the 5th and final step to enrollment which is to pay your member enrollment fee. 

Hint: Be sure you click "SUBMIT" once you've completed the online enrollment.  If you do not click submit, your member status will be listed as "incomplete" and membership will not be accepted until it's properly submitted.  When in doubt, contact our office for support at 406-454-6980.

Step 5: Pay Enrollment Fee

Membership Fees: $10/youth member/year

At this time we do not have the technology to accept payments online.  You can write a check to Cascade County 4-H Leaders Council or pay with exact cash, by mailing in or dropping off payment to:

MSU Extension, Cascade County 4-H

3300 3rd St NE, #9

Great Falls, MT 59404


Hint: Once you've completed the online enrollment and paid membership enrollment fees, your member status will be updated to "Active", allowing you to fully participate in club activities, county events, contests, and more!

Hint: Depending on your project selection, there may be additional class registrations (ex: Archery) or requirements (ex: horsemanship).  You will recieve email communication as well as a monthly newsletter with any additional requirements, registrations, or deadlines relating to specific projects. 



Finding Success in 4-H

To find success and achieve a positive experience in 4-H requires three things.

  • Attend your club meetings regularly
  • Read your monthly Clover Connections 4-H newsletter
  • Ask questions


Basic Membership Requirements

Aside from specific project and or contest guidelines, the basic requirements to be a active 4-H member are:

  • Enroll in a 4-H Club
  • Enroll in at least one project
  • Pay annual membership fees
  • Attend club meetings regularly
  • Complete project records at the end of the year


Roles of Parents and Guardians

  • Provide transportation for your child to and from 4-H events
  • Help your child learn to recite the 4-H pledge
  • Attend club functions with your child whenever possible. Children 5-8 should always have a parent present as well as horse project members at any riding practice or show.
  • Guide your child as he or she selects a 4-H project and help develop goals that are challenging, but realistic. Encourage project work by making it a family learning experience.
  • If your child serves in a leadership role within a club, help him or her fulfill the duties of the office
  • Read the monthly newsletter so you will know the details of upcoming events.
  • Encourage your child to keep up-to-date on his or her project records so it is not challenging at the end of the year.



Montana 4-H includes a special progam for youth ages five to eight. Youth in this age group enroll ONLY in the Cloverbud project and activities are non-competitive. Youngsters in the Cloverbud project work with other children on selected 4-H activities from a structured curriculum that is fun, hands-on, and discovery-orieneted.

Cloverbud activities are held during the County's monthly 4-H Project Day events. Project Days are held the second Saturday of each month, November to May. General time is from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, see Project Day registration times for specifice details. Registration information is found in the monthly 4-H newsletter.

Cloverbuds can explore other projects, but can't enroll in them. There will be additional opportunities for Cloverbuds to participate in county and state contests for the experience, but at no point will they be judged.


Additional Resources

Cascade County 4-H Facebook Group

MSU Extension Cascade county Facebook Page Member Profile Management System

Clover Connection Newsletter: A monthly production that contains news, updates, and event information. Each family will be emailed with a copy, but you can also find a copy on our website, Facebook page, and uploaded to your family profile on You also have the opportunity to have the newsletter mailed to you with a $12/year subscription.  Contact our office to learn more.

Emails: email is the primary source of communication from the Extension office to our 4-H families.  You may receive emails any of the Cascade County MSU Extension agents or from the automated 4honline system which will appear as “4HOnline”.

We do our best not to overwhelm your inbox and limit communication to one weekly all-inclusive update email and/or time-sensitive Information or reminders.

Facebook: Facebook has served as a very effective means for families to stay up-to-date however, it is not our primary means of communication as many families are not on Facebook.  So if you are not an avid Facebook user, don’t panic. Any information posted relating to deadlines, important updates, or program requirements on our group page will have already been distributed in the Newsletter and/or by email. In addition, It is also a place where we send out fun promotions, ideas, and informal recognition of our leaders, members, and clubs. Posts of this manner, may not always be cross posted in the newsletter as they are just for fun. Facebook users requesting to join the group will need to answer three questions verifying they have a connection to Cascade County 4-H. If you are interested in learning more about 4-H, please contact the office 406-454-6980 or

Text Messaging: If you have opted to accept text messages, a selection you can make on your 4honline member profile, you can receive the rare urgent reminder text messages from us via 4honline.  We do not use this feature often unless it is absolutely necessary to capture the attention of our  members for approaching deadlines or other time sensitive purposes. Again, this is not our primary means of communication, but it will always be accompanied by an email and likely posted on Facebook.