Call to Order


Treasurer's Report



  • English Rides
  • Leaders Council Meeting

Old Business

  • Cascade County Horse Program Logo
  • Cascade County 4-H Horse Show
    • Patterns 
      • Review patterns as prepared by Ginger Murphy
    • Show Help
      • Announcer: Brook
      • Stewards
        • Trail: Charla
        • Main Arena
      • Gates: Parents
      • Ribbons: Parents
      • Prize Table: Danielle Berner
      • Office
        • Morning Check-In: Charla
        • HSA Program: Wendy
      • Concessions: Vaulting club
    • Awards
      • Prize table
      • Skip-A-Lily
      • High Point
  • Review Assessments
  • County Ranch Horse Competition
    • Judge: Melissa Ashley
    • Scribe:
    • Cattle, Supplies, Helpers
  • Ranch Horse Practice Sessions
    • June 14, 21, 28
    • Scott Grosskopf and Cameron Brooks to teach

New Business

  • State Fair Horseshow
    • Update from Wendy
  • Summer Show Practices

Upcoming Events

July 23: Cascade County 4-H Horse Show, 406 Arena

July 23-24: County Horse Show and Cascade Teton Counties 4-H Working Ranch Horse, 406 Arena

August 28-29: Montana State 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals, 406 Arena

September 24-26: Montana State 4-H Horse Show, Silesia Cottonwood Equine


Current 4-H Year Meeting Minutes

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders May 4, 2021 meeting minutes.


Katrina Emrich, Liz Jennings, Wendy Newman, Ashley Wells, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Desiree Roth

Vice President Ginger Murphy called meeting to order at 5:41 p.m.


Ashley Wells moved to approve as presented. Brook seconded. m/s/c


Checking: $12865.86, Money Market: 9314.78 for a total of $22180.64. Income is clinic / horse camp registrations. Expenses include various parts of clinics / horse camp.


Barbara Bessette dropped off a lot of various tack and horse equipment to be given to horse members. A thank you was passed around to thank her for this donation.


  • English Open Rides: Have been well attended. Desiree handled an introduction for younger kids while Kyle and Renee handled advanced movements for the older kids. The clinic will be on May 16 at Cascade. Rose will extend registration and invitation to Teton county based on the excellent turn out for English at Horse Camp.
  • Working Ranch Horse: Two practices were held at Justin Warneke’s barn and he covered basic cow work with attendees.
  • Horse Camp: Lots of new kids attended and a lot of fun was had. Folks are asked to be thinking about topics for next year. Katrina suggested bareback.


  • Sponsorship Update and Thank You’s: Thank you cards were signed for the camp helpers as well as sponsors and will be mailed with a picture of all participants.
  • Cascade and Teton County 406 Sign: Teton county has only received 1 entry. Entries were due on May 1. Rose will reach out to Teton County and see if they had any more entries.
  • 2021 Cascade County 4-H Horse Show
    • Patterns: Ginger submitted, and some changes are needed so committee will discuss and bring to next meeting.
    • HSA Program Review: tabled until next meeting.
    • Show Help:
      • Announcer: Brook Gerard
      • Ring Steward: Charla/Trail, asking Keely, Becca G, others for main ring.
      • Gates: Parents at the show. Ginger will bring 2 shoe organizers we can label for kids to put cell phones, ribbons etc. in so show help is not trying to keep track of stuff.
      • Prize Booth: Danielle Berner and need 1 backup.
      • Concessions: will offer to Vaulting Club since they are already set up. Second option is Laurabeth Rhodes.
      • Photographer: Dwayne McClellan will be taking candid shots for purchase. Ginger asked that we take an arena break so he can get a water break.
    • Awards
      • Lisa, Ginger, Danielle have started gathering awards.
      • Need some ideas from kids so please ask club kids.
      • Need Skip-A-Lily and High point prizes at the show.
        • Suggestions include custom halters.
          • Costs need to be sent to prize committee for decision so that they can be purchased.
            • Brook will get Big D’s Tack Shop quote.
            • Katrina will get quote for Reann Shular custom made bronc halters.
    • Supplies: need a comprehensive list by June meeting.
      • Back Numbers: Runners Race Bib Number from
      • Cattle Numbers: ordered from
      • Batteries
      • Safety Pins
  • Assessments:
    • In the process of being scanned in and added to records.
    • Discussion on new due date rather than the April date in the rule book.
    • Rose and Alyssa can edit zSuites so any changes can be made by them to adjust project levels.
    • Brook moved to adjust new due date to June 1. Ashley Wells 2 seconded. m/s/c.
    • Rose will email all horse families with assessment sheets and new information.
    • Desiree will be available at the English Clinic on May 16.


  • English Clinic: Desiree asked about lunches for helpers at clinic in Cascade. We always pay for lunch so Desi just needs to keep receipts. Rose will also be around so if needed can run for food.
  • State Fair Horse Show:
    • Fair book is out, and registration form will go out soon.
    • Wendy needs a trail judge.
      • Suggestions include Salina Devos and Ashely Wells
    • Wendy needs a ring steward.
  • Ranch Horse Practices:
    • Being held at Walt and Vicki Johnson’s outside of Raynesford.
    • Lisa Jassen will organize place.
    • Mondays in June, starting June 14.
    • Instructors are Cameron Brooks and Scott Groskopf.
    • Lisa will compose a registration form as there will be a cost for instructor travel.
    • Executive approval for cost will be completed once information is available.
    • Invite will be to just 4-H members enrolled in Working Ranch Horse.
  • Summer Practices/Clinics:
    • Ashley Wells and Ginger Murphy are available for showmanship and show preparation practices.
    • Brook Gerard is riding on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school is out.
    • Will not be any specific clinics other than what is already scheduled.
  • June Meeting: Rose asked that we move the June 1 meeting to June 8. The decision was made to move the meeting to June 8.

Leann Murphy moved to adjourn the meeting. Desiree seconded. m/s/c
Meeting adjourned 7:15 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard
Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders Secretary/Treasurer

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders April 6, 2021 meeting minutes.


Ginger Murphy, Brook Gerard, Lisa Jassen, Charla Merja, Rose Malisani, Ashley Well, LeAnn Murphy, Hannah Rhodes


Brook moved to approve as posted, Ginger seconded. Motion carried.


Checking - $11779.36 / Money Market – $9,312.52. There is a deposit ready for bank.


Ashley Wells new to area and introduced herself as a new order.


  • March Equine Production Education – well attended (25), Jack Newman did an excellent job and they had fun learning.
  • Leaders Council – Nothing to report. Green Tie Affair planning is underway, set for late October.
  • Sponsorship Committee – Drive is being well received. Funds are transferred as needed from Foundation. Committee is drafting a MOU for all committee to sign off on regarding how we are getting sponsors and when.


Sponsorship Update – All monies have been transferred from the sponsorship drive. No changes from last month.


Cascade County Horse Show

  • Patterns – tabled until May meeting.
  • Horse Show Assistant - Lisa talked about program passed around examples of the report for us to see and described how we will be able to utilize it fully.
  • Judges – Rose has sent off the contract to Joani Kissock. Will be sending Salina DeVos the contract for Trail Judge ($50.00 for day / 9-3pm)
    • Charla Merja agreed to be at the registration table and to be trail judge scribe.
    • Ashley Wells will be helper wherever we need her to be.
  • Cascade County Horse Camp
    • Food Costs – Foundation doesn’t meet until May which is after camp. To prevent Laurabeth from having to hold balance for food costs pending their reimbursement, Charla Merja moved to have Horse Leaders reimburse Laurabeth and we have Foundation reimburse Horse Leaders. Ginger 2nd. Motion carried.
    • T-Shirts – Executive committee will need to order shirts before camp registrations are complete to make sure they are available for campers. $13.50 per shirt, 50/50 blend is slightly more ($2.00 or so). Colors are Navy with White/Gradient logo.
    • Horse Fair Booth – Leann and Hannah are working on the booth. Hannah has designed a trifold pamphlet to be final edited and printed to hand out. Rose will check to see if there are small little 4H trinkets that can be handed out at the booth. Ginger asked folks to save milk jigs, water jugs and twine for the activity and a small portion of camp.
      • Jessica Fryberger has asked 4-H to do a small demo of the different projects as a part of the Horse Fair, Lisa will find out more details on time etc.
      • Horseless Horse members are interested in camp but we don’t have an audit registration option for these kids. Ashley said she would be willing to teach horse judging during the morning horseback classes for those kids. Further discussion on cost for these kids to cover food and t-shirt. Ginger moved to edit horse camp registration for horseless kids and price to be $30.00 per kid. Ashley Wells 2nd. m/s/c
    • Sponsor Thank Yous – Horse leaders would like to do a special thank you for our sponsor who continuously give to our program in addition to the templated letter. Idea is customized boot jack – asking Cory Jassen/Lowell Murphy to donate supplies and time to assemble for 10 boot jacks. Ashley Wells moved to accept this idea for sponsor thank you’s. Leann 2nd. m/s/c
    • Cascade County 4-H Logo – Discussed needing a standard 4-H horse committee logo that can be used for everything horse including pamphlets, thank yous, t-shirts, and other things. Please bring horse committee logo ideas to the May meeting for discussion/voting.
    • Review Enrollment Roster – Leann/Lisa working on assessment needs based on last year’s records and current enrollment records. This list will be sent to Rose to get out to horse families for assessments and getting projects decided before May 1 drop/add deadline. Lisa tasked leaders to look at this list for any red flags we might aware of regarding members of our clubs and send edits.
    • Montana State Fair – no updates from Wendy. Reminder that we need to be looking for a new superintendent, Ashley said she might be interested and is willing to help Wendy this year.

Brook moved to adjourn meeting at 645pm. Ginger 2nd. m/s/c
Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders March 2, 2021 meeting minutes.


Hannah Rhodes, Leann Murphy, Reagan Jassen, Rose Malisani, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Wendy Newman, Brook Gerard, Desiree Roth

Meeting called to order at 5:38 p.m.


Brook moved minutes be approved as posted. Wendy seconded. Motion carried.


Finance Report:

Checking Account: $10,879.36

Money Market Account: $9,312.52        


Leann Murphy read a Thank You from Shea Berner.


February Learning Laboratory: well attended and Jeopardy was the best part. Planning to use for other education days.


Cascade County Horse Show

Review of entry form and show order. Would like to release this entry form in April to allow families a lot of time to plan for it.

  1. Main Judge: Joani Kissock confirmed as main judge. We will pay $300 per day, plus mileage and hotel if Joani requires it. Rose will coordinate with Joani and send her a contract.
  2. Trail Judge: Alison Mohler and Laura Steichan declined being trail judges. Selena DeVos from Teton county is next on list. Other potential judges include Jenny Marn and Amber Carver. Selena DeVos confirmed that she will judge trail.
  3. Other County Invitation – Discussion on inviting neighboring counties like we have in the past. There are a lot of opportunities for kids through GFAB and 406 arena. We aren’t typically invited to other county shows. Wendy moved to make our show open to just Cascade County kids. Leann Murphy seconded. Motion carried.
  4. Game Arrangement – #7 Ride A Buck will be used as bareback warm:up. #33 will be Figure 8 after Wester C2M classes. #45 will be Ribbon Race after English levels before C2M classes.
  5. Horseless Horse – Only classes for these kids is 4, 15,16,17 and 53. Trail will only be available for 1 hour.
  6. Horse Risk Form portion of entry form is NOT required. This is online now.

Sponsorship Update:

Combined campaign has brought in $700.00. Last month $100.00 from Tiger Butter 4-H Club, $60.00 from Jassen Family, and $40.00 from Dave and Vonnie Brown. There are approximately $350 awaiting transfer from Foundation.


Horse Meeting Minutes

request they are turned in for posting within 48 hours after meetings.

Cascade County Horse Show

  1. Awards: Authorize leaders to begin purchasing awards for the County Show. If leaders are shopping and find deals for prizes, they are authorized to purchase and turn in reimbursement paperwork. There is a tracking sheet in Google Docs, budget is $1400.00. Danielle Berner will coordinate. * Don’t buy perishables. *
  2. Patterns – Ginger is preparing a set of patterns. Wendy also asked that she prepare a set for State Fair. Sets will be available for review at April meeting.

2021 Montana State Fair 

We need to plan for event this year. Lindsay Garpestad is judge for show. Wendy is going through class list and paring it down since there is also a GFAB show that weekend at 406 Arena. Working to make both shows a possibility for kids. Wendy is looking for trail judges – asking leaders to give her names. Also need to find a replacement Superintendent for Wendy.

Cascade County Ranch Horse Show

Saturday July 24, 0900 at 406 Arena. Judges have not been confirmed. Any ideas please send to Lisa. Chad Scarbourough from Pondera/Toole county is trying to put together a county ranch horse for the Four County Fair, needs to really see a show in action. Asked that we allow those kids to participate in the Cascade/Teton County. Cascade County leaders agreed that we need to promote/educate other counties in hosting their own shows. Lisa will take our recommendation to Teton County leaders.

2021 Horse Camp

had committee meeting to begin discussions on clinicians and other details.

                Hannah and Leann will handle Booth Décor

                Reagan and Shea will create the Scavenger Hunt

                Rose will take care of name tags and etc.

                Trail ride will be hosted by Fryberger family.

                Movie: projector and DVD player provided by Brook

                Campfire – Smores and music coordinated by Alayna

                Food – Laurabeth is handling food.

                Cowboy Church – Brook will coordinate with GF Cowboy Church.

Morning Camp Sessions – Pole Exercises (looking for instructor), Showmanship – Joani Kissock, Obstacles – Ginger (will need parents to help at each obstacle)

Lunch – Brand Inspector / Vet being (still being contacted / Rose will administer vaccines if needed)

Off the Horse Talks – Saddle Cleaning (Jeff Gollahan/Rose), PEMF with Sam Brooks, Bits with Skip Joseph, Wrapping and Wound Care with Peter Jennings, Hoof Care at Home with Cameron Brooks

Choice Sessions – looking for additional ideas, Roping for Ranch Horse with Jassen, Jumping with Kyle, Horsemanship Patterns with Joani, Show Prep with Jenny Marn, Trailering with Cameron Brooks, Vaulting with Frybergers.

406 Arena Sign

Teton County asked us to go in with them on a sign for 4-H at the 406 Arena. 4x8 sign is $250 per year split, 3x5 is $125 per year split. Discussion – Junior Leaders have a design contest that is then voted on. Brook moved to hold contest and approve splitting the cost of a 3x5 sign. Leann seconded. Motion carried. Rose will coordinate with Teton County.

Meeting adjourned at 705pm. Wendy moved, Hannah seconded. Motion Carried

Submitted by Brook Gerard

Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders Secretary/Treasurer

Download the printable February 2, 2021 Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Hannah Rhodes, Wendy Newman, Desiree Roth, Jill Mackey, Leah Mackey, and Lisa Jassen


Ginger Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.


Horse Leaders reviewed the minutes from the January 5, 2020 meeting.  Desiree moved to approved. Hannah seconded. (m/s/p)


Finance Report:

Checking Account: $10,679.36

Money Market Account: $9,311.33


The 4-H Center for youth development sent a thank you.


Project Days

The February 20, 2021 project day is the Learning Laboratory on February 20 at the Extension office.

The adult teachers:

  • Reproduction: Rose Malisani
  • Horse Parts and Relay Race: Ginger Murphy
  • Skeleton: Lisa Jassen

The March 20, 2021 project day is the Artificial Insemination and Embryo clinic with Dr. Newman. The location will be at Newman Stables (626 40th Ave S, Great Falls) at 10:00 a.m. Wendy would like to limit the clinic to 30 youth due clinic size.

The April 27, 2021 project days will be patterns at Newman Stables from 5:30-7:00 pm. Ginger and Lisa will lead the project day.

Clinics and Open Rides

Desiree spoke about the English Series and it will be at the Chesnut Valley Equestrian Center out of Cascade. The registration is almost complete and will be finished once the clinician has settled and more information has been added to the registration form.

Ranch horse series will be at the Neversweat Ranch outside of Belt in June. Horse Leaders will wait to release information as the series gets closer.

Cascade County 4-H Horse Show

Ginger would like to move the reining classes to 24 and 25. Horse Leaders discussed possible judges. Lisa reported she purchased the horse show computer program. The registration desk will have the capability to have a printed list of classes for parents to take with their families. Lisa would like to showcase the program at the next meeting. The cost was $99, and we can use for multiple shows.


There is $1190 for Horse Leaders that have come into the Extension office through the combined sponsorship campaign. Rose and Lisa will go through the sponsorships with Suzi at the Extension office.


Calendar of Events

Horse Leaders went through the calendar. There are some additions which Horse Leaders will email to Lisa.

Montana State Fair Horse Show

Wendy reported the State Fair Horse show and All Breeds shows are on the same day in August. Wendy will report back after the superintendent meeting and report at the March meeting.


Brook moved to adjourn. Desiree Roth seconded. (m/s/p)  Meeting adjourned at 6:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Rose Malisani, MSU Cascade County Extension Agriculture Agent

Download the printable January 5, 2021 Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Hannah Rhodes, Jill Mackey, Shea Berner, Desiree Roth, Becky Allen


Lisa Jassen called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


Horse Leaders reviewed the minutes from the November 3, 2020 meeting.


Finance Report:

Checking Account: $10,319.47

Money Market Account: $9,309.75

Shea Berner reported on the helmet safety and ornaments. She reported how the speaker, Jenny Goodly, was very informative.

Brook Gerard reported on horseless horse. She had 15 kids all on horses and the education is going very good.





Lisa went over the one change for bylaws which is the junior leader session. Brook Gerard moved to approved the revised bylaws from November 3, 2020. Jill Mackey seconded. (m/s/p)


Lisa Jassen went over the budget. Rose Malisani asked to increase year end prizes since the 2020 year end prizes were over $750. Lisa Jassen will increase the year end prizes to $1000. Shea Berner moved to accept the budget with the $1000 increase for year end awards. Ginger Murphy seconded. (m/s/p)

Educational Opportunities

Horse Leaders discussed the upcoming educational opportunities, dates, and times:

  • February
    • Horse Learning Laboratory – February 20 at the Extension office from 12:30-2:30 p.m.
  • March
    • Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer – March 20 with Jack Newman, DVM at Newman Stables from 12:30-2:30 p.m.
  • April
    • Patterns (reading and creating) – April 17 at and Newman Stables from 12:30-2:30 p.m.
  • May
    • Horse Camp from May

Desiree Roth moved to accept the subjects, dates, and times for educational opportunities. Brook seconded. (m/s/p)

English Series

Desiree Roth presented that she is organizing English clinic series. She suggested to start in April through June. Desiree Roth’s sisters are available to help teach series at the 406 Arena. 406 Arena will charge $5 per 4-H member. The thought is to have a long clinic and then have English open rides for students. Renee wants to be reimbursed for gas.


  • April 1 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. for English open ride at Newman Stables
  • April 15 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. for English open ride at Newman Stables
  • May 16 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. for clinic at 406 Arena

Horseshow Series

Series would include showmanship, equitation, and patterns. Focus would also be on what to wear and tack. Ginger would volunteer to be the leader in charge. Lisa Jassen suggested this would be a great spot for Horse Camp. Horse Leaders could also moved the cancelled “Get the Gear” clinic for both western and English and roll it into this series at Horse Camp. The question of having sessions after Horse Camp was presented. Brook Gerard suggested to utilize the All Breeds Horse Shows for opportunities for the 4-H members. Ginger Murphy also suggested the 406 Arena schooling schools where 4-H members could participate. Both Brook and Ginger suggested to support these shows in the community.

Ranch Horse Series 

Lisa Jassen will continue starting Mondays in June. Dates are June 14, 21, and 28 at Neversweat Ranch from 5:00-8:00 a.m.


Cascade County 4-H Horse Show and Cascade/Teton County Working Ranch Horse Competition

Potential judges:

  • Joanie Kissock (county show)
  • Marija Hansen (county show)
  • Matt Rains (county show)
  • Billy Campbell (working ranch horse)
  • Karnell Perry (working ranch horse)

Sponsorship Updates

Donor reports were emailed to potential sponsors in December. Horse Leaders have received $540 from the mailing.

Horse Camp

Lisa Jassen asked for volunteers to help run the Horse Camp. Everything is planned since 2020 Horse Camp was cancelled.


  • Hannah Rhodes
  • Laura Beth Rhodes
  • Brook Gerard
  • Leann Murphy
  • Ginger Murphy
  • Alayna Roth


Brook Gerard motion to adjourn. Desiree Roth seconded. (m/s/p)  Meeting adjourned at 6:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Rose Malisani, MSU Cascade County Extension Agriculture Agent

Download the printable November 3, 2020 Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Charla Merja, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Leann Murphy, Wendy Newman, Brook Gerard, Desiree Roth, Jill Mackey, Hannah Rhodes, Becky Allen, Liz Jennings


Lisa Jassen called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.


Charla Merja reviewed the minutes from the October 6, 2020 meeting.


Finance Report:

Checking Account:          $ 10,858.44

Money Market Account: $   9,306.64

Reviewed the current expenses. Hay feeders have been ordered as prizes for the Skip-A-Lily Trail award for 2020.  These will be embroidered by Bunkhouse Branding. 

No report on the 4-H Mare and Foal Clinic.

Combined Sponsorship Committee report given by Lisa Jassen.  The letter will go out to all businesses in December/January.  The Horse Leaders can review the revenue and determine if we want to approach our sponsors individually.

Financial Policy Committee met; Lisa Jassen provided a brief update. Th policy will provide guidance for all 4-H committees and those that handle finances.

Horsey Halloween – Hannah Rhodes provided a recap of the event.  She reported approximately 20 participants. 

There are a couple year end achievement awards still need to be paid for to finish up expenses for 2019-20. 




Rule, Policy, and Award Criteria Change Proposals

One change proposal was submitted and was to limit the County High Point awards to Cascade County 4-H exhibitors.    Rule change is approved as proposed.

Bylaws Committee

Lisa Jassen provided the changes she is proposing.  There was discussion regarding the Past President and Executive Committee.  These will be track changed and sent out the the committee.

Charla Merja made a motion to approve the proposed Bylaw Changes.  Wendy Newman seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Budget Committee

Brook Gerard, Lisa Jassen, and Ginger Murphy worked on the proposed budget for 2020-2021.  The budget was established using historical numbers.  This is a guideline to help us operate responsibly. 

Educational Opportunities

November 6 - Get the Gear – we are ready for this event.  We currently have 7 people signed up. 

December 8 - Helmet Safety and Christmas Ornaments – Rose Malisani noted that with the ever changing COVID requirements, we will need to be cautious about treats etc. when using the Extension Office. Discussion regarding combining with livestock kids as well for the craft activity.  Would be a good idea to have an alternate location, Wendy Newman suggested the Amigo Lounge basement.  Attendees could order food is they wish. Rose Malisani will check availability.   Attendees are invited to bring wood burners and leather working tools. Lisa Jassen picked up the leather for the ornaments.   

 Upcoming Events

  • November
    • Get the Gear Education & Tack and Clothing Swap – 11/6 – Newman Stables, 6-8 pm
  • December
    • Christmas Craft – Helmet Education/Craft & Social – Rose Malisani – 12/8 6-8 pm – Extension Office
  • January
    • Horse Learning Laboratory – January 16, 10:30am – 12:00pm – Extension Office
  • February
    • Open
  • March
  • Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer – Jack Newman, DVM
  • April
    • Patterns (reading and creating) and Newman Stables
  • May
    • Horse Camp

Open Rides 406 Arena –

Do we want to organize open rides or just let our members know it is available?  Friday’s are best for the 406 Arena for 4-H open rides. Many suggested letting the members know it is available, and if someone wants to organize an open ride, let the office know and Rose Malisani can send it out.  Rose Malisani will to a COI for both the 406 Arena and King’s Arena for the year. 


Financial Policy  -

is ready to be presented and will be emailed out.

Enrollment –

42 members currently enrolled in horse projects:  8- Colt to Maturity/Green Horse, 13 - English, 22 - Western, 13 - Ranch Horse, 17 - Horseless Horse. With the numbers in C2M it would be nice to have Justin Warnke do his clinic series again. 

IO Path Horseshow Assistance Software

GFAB uses this software to run their shows for entries and class lists.  Lisa Jassen is considering purchasing the software to run the Working Ranch Horse Finals. Lisa Jassen would also like it available for the couny and state fair shows.  Brook Gerard asked if we could split the cost 50/50?  The costly the software is $99.  It is web based and you get so many logins for the $99 fee.  This can be an agenda item for a spring meeting.  Brook Gerard made a motion Cascade County Horse Leaders spend $50 towards the purchase of the IO Path Horseshow Assistance Software. Wendy Newman seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

MBHA Money Allocation –

Ideas for use of the funds – rider scholarships with a training up to $75.  Members would have to apply for the funds.  Another suggestion is to host a larger clinic, multiple days, with an out of county clinician to help our kids.  Brook Gerard suggested someone like Doug Householder. Other names were suggested as well – Michelle Tucker and a couple from Canada. Previously, we held these clinics in June.  Rose Malisani suggested jumping and working ranch horse in addition to showmanship. 


Brook Gerard motion to adjourn.  Wendy Newman seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at  7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Charla Merja, Past-Secretary.


January 5, Cascade County 4-H Horse and Livestock Leaders Meeting

Download the printable October 6, 2020 Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Charla Merja, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Leann Murphy, Wendy Newman,  Becky Allen, Katrina Emrich, Jill Mackay, Brook Gerard, Desiree Roth


Lisa Jassen called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.


Wendy Newman made a motion to accept the minutes of September 1, 2020. Ginger Murphy seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.


Finance Report:

Checking Account:          $ 9.218.16

Money Market Account: $ 9,305.11

There are a couple year end achievement awards still need to be paid for to finish up expenses for 2019-20. 




Rule, Policy, and Award Criteria Change Proposals

One change proposal was submitted and was to limit the County High Point awards to Cascade County 4-H exhibitors.  Wendy Newman made a motion to accept the proposed rule change.  Becky Allen seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Bylaws Committee

In 2018-19 we met and revised/revamped the bylaws.  Bylaws can be changed anytime throughout the year.  A committee could be appointed to review the bylaws if desired.  The rule book and bylaws are sent out to all horse members once they have been approved for the upcoming year.  A quick review of the bylaws was conducted.  Committee Members:  Charla Merja, Lisa Jassen, Brook Gerard, Becky Allen

Officer Elections

  • President – 2 year term – Lisa Jassen is eligible to serve another 2 year term.

Brook Gerard nominated Lisa Jassen.  Wendy Newman seconded the motion. Motion carried.   

  • Secretary/Treasurer – 2 year term – Charla Merja has served 3 terms.

Lisa Jassen nominated Brook Gerard.  Wendy Newman moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot. Charla Merja will email the minutes to MFCU and request the process to change the signature card with COVID.  The signers on the Horse Leaders account will be Ginger Murphy, Wendy Newman and Brook Gerard. 

County Ranch Horse and County Horse Show Photos

There were minimal orders for photos from the shows.  Please encourage horse members to look at the photos and take advantage of the offer.  Rose Malisani suggested teaming up with Livestock Leaders to help cover his cost of attending. Suggested having fliers at the shows, including it on the entry form, etc.

MBHA Finals

The organizers were very satisfied with the help Horse Leaders provided.  We were paid $1500 for helping and were asked to return.  Lisa Jassen thanked everyone for their help.

Year End Awards

Year end buckles, jackets and garment bags have been ordered. Skip-a-Lily award for high point trail at the County Horse Show to all 3 levels have not been ordered.    Ideas were suggested for the award. Lisa Jassen will look at some options and email to Horse Leaders for a final decision. It was suggested to attend the winner’s 4-H meetings and present them with their award. 

Project Days

Ideas: Intro to English Project then follow up with an English clinic

Basic Equipment

  • October
    • Foal Education 10/11
    • Horse Halloween 10/30
  • November
    • Get the Gear Education & Tack and Clothing Swap – 11/6 – Newman Stables, 6-8 pm
  • December
    • Christmas Craft – Helmet Education/Craft & Social – Rose Malisani – 12/8 6-8 pm – Extension Office
  • January
    • Horse Learning Laboratory
  • February
    • Open
  • March
  • Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfer – Jack Newman, DVM
  • April
    • Patterns (reading and creating) and Newman Stables
  • May
    • Horse Camp


Budget Committee

Information will be provided to the Treasurers.  Budgets are due in November.  Lisa Jassen, Ginger Murphy and Brook Gerard will look at developing the budget and anyone else who is Interested can participate.  Received money from MBHA – members were asked to think about how this money could be used.  Some ideas that were considered were bigger clinics, scholarships for lessons, awards.

Open Rides at 406 Arena –

Rose Malisani checked with Jessica Fryberger on availability.  Friday evening is available if we wanted a designated time.  10 people would need to be committed to riding to reserve the arena.  Make sure horse members know the availability of the 406 Arena.  Will need to plan ahead if Horse Leaders want to plan an open ride to get the COI.

Awards -

  • Horse Judging Scholarship – There haven’t been a lot of recipients. We had kids qualify for Hippology Team and they could be considered for the award.  Charla Merja has offered to sponsor this as Judy and Alex Ferguson can no longer sponsor.

Horse Halloween

Friday, October 30, 406 Arena,  5-8 pm.  Lisa Jassen would like to have some of the members help plan the event.


Wendy Newman motion to adjourn.  Brook Gerard seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at  7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Charla Merja, Secretary/Treasurer.


Nov 3 Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders Meeting



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