Call to Order


Treasurer’s Report



Old Business

2021 Cascade County Livestock Show & Sale

New Business

County Show Division Chairs:

Upcoming Events

June 22: Record Book and Breeding Project Interviews for Chesnut Valley, Great Divide, and Ulm Pishkun Clubs
June 29: Record Book and Breeding Project Interviews for Circle S, Eden Livestock, Galloping Guns, Giffen Coulee, Running Free, and Tiger Butte Clubs
July 3: Western Ranch Supply Weigh Watchers
July 8-10: Cascade County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale
July 12-17: Montana 4-H Congress
July 30-August 7: Montana State Fair

Current 4-H Year Meeting Minutes

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders June 8, 2021 meeting minutes. 


Rose Malisani, Brenda Byrnes, Heather Lewis, Brook Gerard, Liz Jennings, Desire Roth, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen

The meeting was called to order at 7:17 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Stockman’s Bank checking account balance is $8,972.86; DA Davidson account balance is $9154.82. We received $500 for sponsorships, $420 for Intent to Enter fees and $1636 for Show Entry fees.




In kind contributions need to be tracked and recognized.

Old Business:

2021 Livestock Show and Sale:

Round Robin Judges still need to be found for Poultry, Beef and Goat. Suggestions are as follows:

  • Poultry - Karen Beatty.
  • Beef - Andrew Gould, Janna VandenBos, or Adriane Good.
  • Goat – Wendy, Heidi Brandt, or Alena Standley.

Jr. Leader Responsibilities:

Jr. Leaders will determine if the banners will be the same or different than last year. They will also be selecting the prize options for the year and choosing the judges for decorating and herdsmanship contests. There has been lots of positive feedback from kids on the buckles and prizes from last year. Plaques will be engraved and applied to bigger prizes like rabbit pens.

Sale Committee:

The buyer meal caterer options are being finalized, one of the finalists is Carnivorium. Jerry Collins' contract has been approved by MSU legal and signed. He will set up the sound system Thursday morning and make sure everything is working. Jerry will be there for the entire show. They will handle the clerking and will be updating weights and winners on the auction site. Rose will send Jerry the butcher form. Ryan Perry will be the auctioneer. and we have arranged four ring assistants: Matt McKamey, Warren Krone, Shane from the Chamber, and possibly Chet Wright.

Facebook Live Feed: Tim Lee sent Brenda a bid for $1200 for Facebook live streaming like we did in 2020. This includes promoting all our sponsors and broadcasting the market classes on Friday and showmanship/round robin on Saturday. He has sent a preliminary invoice, but the contract will need to go to MSU Extensio legal. Brook made a motion to approve the $1200 Facebook live bid. Ginger 2nd. M/S/C

Star Radio would like to do a live broadcast at the show. Brenda will talk to Randy Bogden about doing some radio ad spots like we have done in previous years.

Stockman’s Bank sent a $250 sponsorship and wants to also sponsor the buyer meal. The Chamber committed to a $2,000 sponsorship but may send an additional $500.

Rose requested the sponsorship committee get more people to help. There is a lot of sponsors to cover for only 2 people. We have lost some of the smaller sponsors. She will be sending a more personal letter to the sponsors that have previously committed smaller amounts that covered Reserve Champion prizes.

Brett purchased the freezer for Fill your Freezer Friday.

Rose visited Expo park and requested that more bleachers be added around the sale ring.

Lisa requested we set up a practice ring in the south west corner of the pavilion. There was much agreement with this.

Heather will create a picture “booth” near the ring for parents to get pictures of their kids as they come out of the ring. Desi made a motion to purchase a backdrop banner for the “photo booth” that can be used for multiple years. Liz 2nd. Lisa amended the motion to include a “maximum cost of $300”.  M/S/C

Catalog Report: Drop/adds will be completed this week. There are a few missing entries that Brook is tracking down as well as several sponsor logos. We mailed 217 catalogs last year to previous buyers. The list will be cross checked for duplicates before giving the mailing list to Allegra. The final copy will be given to Allegra on Monday June 14th for printing and will be available for pickup on the 16th or 17th. We need to solidify the day of the sale insert for the catalog that will list the ribbon colors by lot number.

Ginger has the hotel rooms booked for the judges.

Breeding Projects:

Project books are with the judges. There were a couple that were late and some that were not turned in. What do we do with late projects? This is not addressed in the rule book. The due date does not seem to be feasible and needs to be explored as being changed. A committee will form to address rule changes to the breeding projects in the fall.

Record Book Interview Judging:

Record book judging is on June 22nd and 29th. It was previously discussed that Judges should not judge books from their own club. This does not seem feasible for the number of volunteer judges we have had in past years. Consensus is that judges should not judge their own children's books. Lisa suggested a google sheet for judges to sign up for a night so that we ensure to have enough judges each night.

Showmanship Clinics:

These will be moved from June 12th to a weeknight due to schedule conflicts with the clinicians. They will be held at Expo park since the show ring is already set up.

Desi moved to adjourn the meeting and Liz 2nd. M/S/C Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lewis

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders May 4, 2021 meeting minutes.


Brenda Byrnes, Brett Keaster, Rose Malisani, Makayla Paul, Brook Gerard, Debbie Linn, Ashley Wells, Sandy Harshaw-Irvin, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Liz Jennings, Aimee Hachigan Gould, Melanie Paul.


Makayla moved to accept as posted. Ashley seconded. m/s/c


Checking: $6416.36, DA Davidson: $9154.82. Received intent to enter fees for swine and donations.


Barbara Bessette dropped off a lot of tack for 4H kids, leaders welcome to take what they need. Thank you was passed along for signatures.


  • LQA Update: Rose reported that all members needing LQA have completed it for the 4-H year. Working with the club leaders was wonderful.
  • Project Day: Jenna Sasek dis a phenomenal job for the rabbit project day. Desi had a lot of new kids at poultry project day. Need to do another hatching project next spring.
  • Market Swine, Sheep, and Goat Nutrition: Brett Keaster reported Brent Roeder and Melissa Jendri did a good job. Lots of knowledge was shared.
  • Sponsorship: Brook will start making phone calls. If other people have potential sponsors please make sure they are cleared through Brook or Brenda to make sure we are not double dipping.


  • Cascade County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale
    • Agenda: no changes. Rose did report we can have food because all COVID-19 restrictions are pulled from the county guidelines.
    • Contests: Brenda will meet with junior leaders to develop pen display and herdsmanship awards.
    • Sale Committee:
      • Freezer: Brett Keaster located a 9 cubic foot freezer at Sam’s Club for $250.00. Liz Jennings moved to purchase the freezer. Makayla seconded. m/s/c.
      • Social Media Live Feed: Tim is getting a quote and is super excited to help us.
      • Business After Hours: Committee will meet with Chamber next week to get details.
      • Auction Contract: Contract is with MSU Extension legal. Some verbiage needs to be changed. Rose is working with Collins Auction and MSU Extension legal.
    • Sale Catalog:
      • Brook Gerard is working with April McLean to create catalog for the Cascade County Extension website.
      • Rose has a Catalog Entry form completed and will email to 4-H families with the Show Entry Form.
      • Sale order will be random draw with the sale order from the rule book.
      • Rose is working with Jerry Collins on sale spreadsheets and will send to April McLean and Brook Gerard.
      • Heather will do cover art to match the t-shirts and give to Brook.
      • The sale catalog will have advertisements.
      • Layout is as follows:
        • Cover
        • Sale information
        • Sale lots:
          • Poultry Meat Pens
          • Rabbit Meat Pens
          • Third of the Swine Entered
          • Sheep
          • Goats
          • Third of the Swine Entered
          • Beef
          • Third of the Swine Entered
        • Final Catalog Entry forms are due June 4. Catalog will go to print on June 11 and mailed on June 16.
    • Breeding Project Judges: Katie Pribyl (producer), Janet Smith (financial), Liz Jennings (animal health).
    • Round Robin Judges:
      • Beef: Open
      • Swine: Ashley Wells
      • Sheep: Emily Berg
      • Rabbit: Ashley Belanger
      • Goat: Open
      • Poultry: Open
    • Photography:
      • Grand and reserve only at the show.
        • Pictures submitted for the catalog will be for the buyer pictures.
        • Photographer will be there taking candid shot that can be purchased.
    • Record Book and Breeding Book Judging:
      • Held June 22 and 29. Judge training will be 5:30 p.m. with 6:00 p.m. start.
      • Club Members Interviewing on June 22: Chesnut Valley, Great Divide, and Ulm Pishkun
      • Club Members Interviewing on June 29: Circle S, Eden Livestock, Galloping Guns, Giffen Coulee, Running Free, and Tiger Butte
      • Families are asked to contact Rose if they cannot make the evening assigned for their club.
      • Absentee forms will be available if 4-H members cannot make either evenings.
      • Leaders are asked to NOT judge a kid they closely know. Would prefer that they come on the opposite night as their club if possible.
      • Brenda confirmed sticker order and will place order with April McLean.
    • Breeding Project Clinic: Brenda Byrnes is organizing; Will be in conjunction with Leader’s Council on May 11 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Fitting and Showmanship Clinic: Presenters have asked that date be moved to a weeknight as they are busy with life and jackpots. Brenda will talk with Abby, Isabella, Jay, and James to confirm an evening that works best and split it up if needed.



Makayla moved to adjourn, Brook seconded m/s/c.

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Brook Gerard

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leader

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Makayla Paul, Brenda Byrnes, Heather Lewis, Brook Gerard, Brett Keaster, Liz Jennings, Debbie Lynn, Desire Roth, Sandy Harshaw-Irvin, Ashley Wells, Jayden & Melanie Paul.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Liz read the treasurer's report and it was accepted as read.


Ashley Wells introduced herself as a newcomer to Cascade County 4-H. She is new to Great Falls and comes from Idaho where she grew up on a Dairy and participated in 4-H livestock and horse projects. She is looking forward to volunteering.


Rabbit Project led by Jenna Sasak was very good and the kids completed three record book activities.

LQA has an April 30th completion deadline. Rose found the Colorado offers an online LQA that we might be able to utilize in the future. Makayla taught five kids from Giffen Coulee.

Bull Selection Project day at Western Livestock was taught by Rose. Lost Lake Ranch from Geraldine was having a sale and it provided the opportunity for kids to learn about EPD, bull and heifer selection. There were good reviews from the kids, and they liked having the sale catalog.

Old Business:

2021 Livestock Show and Sale Agenda will be the regular Non-COVID agenda. Round Robin judges need to be selected soon.

Organizing the contests at the show will be delegated to the Jr. Leaders. They will make decisions involving the decorating and herdsman ship contests.

Sale Committee Report:

We have a contract from Jerry Collins. Rose will send it to MSU legal for review. Ryan Perry will be the auctioneer. This will be a simulcast auction with online and live happening simultaneously. Brook made a motion to accept the Jerry Collins Auction bid as proposed. Makayla 2nd. M/S/C

Business After Hours & Chamber Membership:

The Chamber Ag committee has given us a sponsorship of $2,000 to use as we see fit. Brook made a motion to pay the $500 chamber membership fees ($100 Chamber membership under the 4-H Foundation Membership, $150 for Monday Emails, and $350 for Business After Hours), Ashley 2nd. M/S/C


Allegra Printing provided Brook with a quote of $1.80 per catalog for 500 catalogs. This includes adding 4 more pages than in 2020 and the mailing of 220 catalogs. Makayla made a motion to accept the Allegra bid as read. Ashley 2nd. M/S/C

The catalog picture deadlines will align with the late entry deadline of June 4th. Catalog will be sent to print on June 11th and mailed on June 15th.

Rabbit and Poultry Judge:

Lacy Lanaghan would like to be paid mileage and charges a flat fee of $50 for judging. We should also provide her a hotel room; Ginger will arrange with the Staybridge. Makayla made a motion to pay mileage, hotel, and $50 flat fee to Lacy for judging the Rabbit and Poultry show. Desi 2nd. M/S/C

Breeding Project:

New Breeding Project judges will be selected. The following are suggestions for the judge’s panel:

  • Animal Health: Jeanna Miedtke from Switchback Veterinary
  • Producer: Alena Standley or Andrew Gould
  • Financial: Brain Skogen or Janet Smith

Record Book Interview Judging:

Interview judging will occur on June 22nd and 29th. Clubs will be split between the two days. It will start at 6pm at the Extension Office. Young adult Alumni will be asked to help with judging.

New Business:

Rabbit and Poultry Project Day on April 17th. Rabbit by Jenna Sasak and Poultry by Desi Roth.

Breeding Project Day on May 11th at 6:30 pm. The goal of this project day is to provide breeding stock health/vaccine and project financial information to all breeding project members. There are currently 23 kids enrolled in breeding projects.

Fitting and Showmanship Clinic on June 12th at 10am. Newman’s Stables is the proposed location. Debbie and Makayla will try to get prize donations. Proposed clinicians are:

  • Sheep: Abby Stevenson from Diamond Dot
  • Beef: Isabella Lawrence
  • Swine: Deaton Show Pigs
  • Goats: James Lewis

Makayla moved to adjourn the meeting and Brook 2nd. M/S/C Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Heather Lewis
Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Alternatively, download the printable Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Makayla Paul, Leann & Ginger Murphy, Brenda Byrnes, Heather Lewis, Brook Gerard, Michelle Leardini, Lisa Jassen, Ragan Jassen, Brett Keaster, Liz Jennings, Debbie Lynn, Desire Roth, Sandy Harshaw-Irvin

The meeting was called to order at 7:14 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Makayla noted one correction to the minutes, Brent Roeder name was spelled incorrectly. Makayla moved to approve with the correction and Ginger seconded. M/S/C

Treasurer’s Report:

Rose read the treasurer's report. There are some reconciliation discrepancies that Lisa Jassen is working on fixing by reissuing checks that were not cashed.


Shea Burner sent two Thank-you cards for Rabbit awards received at the 2020 Show & Sale.


AI Clinic

was well received by all in attendance and was better than last year with more reproductive organ samples. The description of the clinic needs to be better for the next time. Some kids did not realize there would be animal organs there.


Eden Livestock completed their LQA calls last weekend. Ulm Pishkun has all their members complete except 3. Rose completed the Chestnut Valley LQA class. Giffen Coulee and Tiger Butte are working on scheduling their classes. Rose will hold a final make-up LQA at the end of April for anyone that has not completed it.

Rabbit and Poultry Project Days:

Rabbit project days will be held on March 20th and April 17th. Poultry project day will be held on April 17th. Rabbits being brought to these project days will be limited due to an outbreak of Hemorrhagic disease in Billings. This should not affect our show as long as it does not spread further than Billings.

Old Business:

Sheep, Goat, & Swine Nutrition:

April 18th 2-4pm. Presenters will be Mari Morris will present swine nutrition and Brent Roeder will present sheep and goat nutrition. There will be two sessions of each.

Sponsorship Committee:

The Chamber Ag Committee increased our scholarship to $2.000. Brook presented a proposal for sponsor ads in the sale catalog. Sponsors will be broken down into categories based upon their sponsorship levels. These ads would be in black and white. Black and white pages cost us $0.10 per side. We could add 6 pages of sponsor ads and it would only add $0.60 to the cost of the sale catalog.  The sponsor letter will be edited to include the new addition of the ads, so the sponsors know the additional value they are getting.  The sponsor levels are as follows: Premier = Full page, Champion = ½ page. Premium = ¼ page, Clover = Business card size. Brook will finish getting bids for the sale catalog before next meeting.

Discussion on sale order:

Need to determine how we will determine the sale order for the catalog and in what order  we will  sell Grand and Reserve Champion animals. A catalog supplement will be printed for buyers so they know how a lot placed (grand, reserve, ribbon color). The supplement will provide a place for notes and sale price. Sale order needs to be revisited in the fall with rule book changes being made. The sale catalog is evolving our sale order determination.

Sale Committee:

Brett talked to Collins Auction Service and received a quote for $1,500 - $1,800 plus 1% of the gross sales. They offer a simultaneous sale and will do all the clerking and auctioneering. They also have their own sound equipment that we can rent for an additional fee. Jerry Collins placed us on his schedule until we made a final decision.  Rose will talk to Beau at Northern Livestock this week. If anyone has questions for the auctioneers, please email them to Brenda. The sale committee will meet and make a recommendation to the Executive Board so a decision on the auctioneer can be made before the next meeting.

Record Book Judging:

Set for June 21 and 22. These will be in person and kids will sign up for a time slot. We will use all of the extension office facilities to try and reduce the noise. Possibly have a meal and meeting before to discuss judge standards and question/interactions that should be happening with the kids regarding their projects. We will select a best record book for each species and signify them with a sticker on the book. A best overall book will also be selected from the best in each species.

New Business:

Fitting & Showmanship Clinics: Makayla will talk to Larry about using the Western Ranch Supply warehouse to host. Ideally these would occur in May to give kids a chance to participate in the Golden Triangle Jackpot before our County Show. James Lewis will help with Goat showmanship.

*Meeting minutes will be submitted within 48 hours of every meeting*

Brook moved to adjourn the meeting and Lisa 2nd. M/S/C Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lewis

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Download the printable February 2, 2021 Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Sandy Harshaw, Heather Lewis, Jill Mackey, Makayla Paul, Brenda Byrnes, Liz Jennings, Desiree Roth, Rose Malisani, Hannah Rhodes, Brett Keaster, Lisa Jassen

The meeting was called to order via at 7:06 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Jill moved to approve the minutes as read, Sandy seconded. M/S/C

Treasurer’s Report:

Liz read the Treasurer's report. A donation came in from Taylors Automax and several intent to enter forms/payments. We purchased a gift card as a thank you for help with the Beef weigh-in and workshop.


Ginger and Leann read the correspondence. Letter from the Bailey family: They appreciated all the hard work the Livestock Leaders put into the 2020 Show and Sale. The organization and flexibility was great. They also like the online bidding.

A letter from Hubbard Feeds about moving their customer service employees to Mankato. They will continue to operate in Great Falls but most of their customer service staff will be located in another state to better serve all of their customers.


Beef Weigh-in: Makayla attended. The weigh-in was good and the workshop was great. There were 25 steers that weighed in with weight ranges of 550 - 1040 lbs. The workshop was put on by Mari Morris. She covered beef nutrition and preparing steers for a livestock show, to include grooming. The workshop was recorded via Facebook live and can be found on the Cascade County 4-H (MSU Extension) Facebook page.

Leaders Council: Brook attended. She reported to them on the success of our recent workshops and updated the Leaders Council on the current working of the Livestock Leaders. There is a 4-H orientation weekend coming up for new families. Leaders Council reimbursed the Livestock Leaders for the Rec Lab.

Old Business:

February 23rd AI Clinic with Dana is full. We will allow the kids on the waitlist to join. There are 25 kids and 3 adults signed up. It will start at 6:30.


Ulm Pishkun has completed their club LQA class. There are 3 kids from Ulm Pishkun that still need to complete. Other clubs are working on getting the LQA classes scheduled. Rose will schedule a final LQA at the extension office for any stragglers.

Sheep and Goat Nutrition:

Makayla will ask Brett Raider about putting on a sheep and goat nutrition clinic.

Swine Clinic:

Trying to schedule with Mari Morris for Sunday April 18th frin 2-4pm.

Sponsorship Committee:

Brook and Brenda will be meeting soon.

2021 Agenda:

Rose presented two draft agendas and added the Supreme Breeding classes back in to the agenda. She has talked to all butchers except Cascade Meats. Brook will call 406 Processing to see if we can add them to our list of processors. Columbia Falls is arranged for slaughter dates. Butchers will be sending their current pricing to Rose.

Concessions are still up in the air. Will depend on CCHD and Montana 4-H. State 4-H office is saying to plan like we are still in a pandemic.


Makayla moved to select Makae Nack as the livestock judge. Seconded by Desi. M/S/C

Makayla will contact Makae to arrange. Desi has asked Lacie Lanagan to be the Poultry and Rabbit judges. She is waiting on a response.

Sale Committee:

We need to have an online and live auction simultaneously. Montana Cattle Connections does not offer this. Frontier Livestock bid $3,500 to Judith Basin County for their Livestock Show. There are several other options Rocky Forseth, Bill Pelton. We should check who Gallatin county used.

Brook is getting catalog quotes with color options.

Brenda is clarifying the membership with the Chamber of Commerce, whether it will be under leaders council or Foundation. We will keep our Ag committee membership. Last year the Chamber gave us $1,500 for the show.

Brenda is contacting Time at Legend Productions to see if his costs have changed and if he is interested in doing the show again.

Makayla will help coordinate Radio spots.

We will preprint thank you cards again and they will have the photo that is submitted for the catalog. We will not hire a photographer to take thank you card pictures.

New Business:

Rabbit and Poultry Project Day: Jenna Sasak is interested in helping. Some ideas she has from project days are: Breeding Projects, Standard of Perfection Pet VS Purebred, Judging Reasons, and Quiz Bowl. Desi is available in April for project days (April 17th), maybe do a 2 week series. Rose will email Jenna, Desi, Alyssa, and Jenna to start scheduling the project days.

Rule Book Question:

Jill, what are the exact rules for horned beef? Beef must be dehorned with regrowth not exceeding 3 inches - this rule is for safety.

Makayla moved to adjourn the meeting and Lisa 2nd. M/S/C Meeting adjourned at 8:10

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lewis

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Download the printable January 5, 2021 Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Lisa Jassen, Brenda Byrnes, Heather Lewis, Sandy Harshaw, Aimee Hachigian-Gould, Debbie Lynn, Desiree Roth, Jill Mackey, Ginger Murphy, Brett Keaster, and Liz Jennings

The meeting was called to order via at 7:06 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Jill moved to approve the minutes as read. Seconded by Lisa M/S/C

Treasurer’s Report:

Brenda prepared P/L detail for the last four years to give a more accurate picture of the actual financial flow. There was a reduced number of participants for 2020, this meant less entry fees and sales fees. The show cost more to put on, the pavilion rental was more because there wasn’t a state fair and we paid $5,000 for setup that we normally would not pay.

The executive committee is going through the P/L to ensure the line items are correct and correctly categorized.


Intent to enter forms are being received at the Extension office for steers. There are 30 steers enrolled.


Branding Clinic:

Rose attended the Branding Clinic put on by Paul Johnson, He talked about types of branding and the legalities of brands. The kids made ornaments after. 20 kids and 3 adults attended.

Leaders Council:

Brook attended Leaders Council. They approved budgets and talked about upcoming project days.

County Show Prizes:

The final round of prizes are due to arrive at the Extension office any day. There have been issues with them shipping due to COVID.

Old Business:

Market Steer weigh-in is 1/17/21 from 1:30-2:30pm. Mary Morris will do a feed presentation from 2:30-3:30. 25 people maximum in the building due to COVID, there have been 18 RSVPs - 10 kids and 8 adults. Rose will Facebook live or record the presentation so that more kids/parents can benefit from the presentation.

AI Project day in February. 25-person limit in the building. Brook will contact Dana to see if we can do it Tuesday night at 6:30/7 pm to avoid basketball practice and games, so that older kids can attend.

LQA will be done at the club level due to COVID and only 25 people being allowed to use the Extension classrooms at once. Rose will email the paperwork to club leaders for them to arrange.

Bylaw Committee: A change to the bylaws is proposed. The change will allow the executive committee to make decisions in operations due to emerging issues, they will be able to amend, suspend etc. This change is proposed due to the challenges we experienced with COVID.

Brook moved to approve the change and Debbie 2nd. M/S/C

Livestock Judging, Crops and Meats ID:  Eric Tillman is available. We probably should break the practices up into smaller groups. Practices are stalled due to no live judging events. Most events are virtual right now. Table until we can decide how to practice and judge effectively.

Sponsorship Committee: A letter went out over Christmas break. We have received $400 total for the 10 sponsorships received. We are giving the donors a chance to receive the letters and decide. The “As Needed” donations will need to be split and designated later. Alyssa received a $2,000 check she will call the donor and see how they want it designated. Rose is keeping a spreadsheet to ensure donors are properly thanked and recognized.

New Business:

2021 Livestock Show and Sale Planning:

  • 2020 Sale Catalog was beneficial
  • Judge Ideas - MSU Livestock Judging Team for large livestock, Hannah Del Curoto is their professor. Mark King might have some recommendations or may judge.
  • Rabbit & Poultry Judge - Desi has a potential judge, Lacey Lanagan, but it will depend on COVID if she can do it.
  • Carcass Judges will be the same. They have been doing a good job.
Division Chairs

Sandy & Lisa - Swine Co-Chairs

Desi - Poultry

Heather - Goat

Kyle - Rabbit

Liz - Sheep

Debbie - Beef

Jr Leaders:

Marshall & Sterling Byrnes, Leah Mackey, & Leann Murphy.

Breeding Project Chairs

Rose & Jill. Aimee is willing to judge via Zoom.

Sale Committee:

Brook, Heather, Debbie, Brett, Lisa, and Brenda


The state 4-H Office has suggested we plan our agenda like what we did in 2020. We should have two agendas; Rose will write up two agendas and we will review at the February meeting. Breeding projects will be added back into the agenda.

Golden Triangle Jackpot Dates are April 17th for Beef and June 9th for Sheep, Goats and Swine.

Aimee moved to adjourn the meeting and Lisa 2nd. M/S/C Meeting adjourned at 8:23.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lewis

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Download the printable November 3, 2020 Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Jill Mackey, Makayla Paul, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Desiree Roth, Brenda Byrnes, Debbie Lynn, Heather Lewis, Jenna Sasak Aimee Hachigian-Gould, Leann Murphy and Ginger Murphy

The meeting was called to order via at 7:06 p.m. by Brenda Byrnes.

Aimee moved to approve the minutes as read. Seconded by Brook M/S/C

Treasurer’s Report:

Read by Brenda and stands with no questions or concerns.



Old Business:

Voting on Rule Changes:

Changing the minimum weight of steers from 1050# to 1100# - PASSED

Adding “Equivalent prize or scholarship” to awards instead of a buckle - PASSED 

Bylaws Committee reviewed the bylaws due to the challenges COVID presented this year. There are proposed changes to the Executive Powers that will be voted on at the next meeting.

Education Opportunities: Makayla will host Western Livestock Days Saturday, November 7th with Ryan. Motion by Brook to purchase a $50 Western Ranch Supply gift card for Ryan as a thank you. 2nd by Sandy. Motion passes. Rose will complete expenditure form and purchase gift card.

December 8th 5:30 Brook is arranging a brand class with Paul Johnson. Horse and Livestock kids will meet at 6:30 at the Amigo Lounge to make ornaments.

January 9th - Market Animal feeding project day proposed. Have a rotation between 4 feed representatives. Possibly Melissa, Jared, Travis and Tucker.

Rose motioned to table the rest of the project day planning until the January meeting. Brook seconded. M/S/C

New Business:

Budget Committee: Brooke and Brenda reviewed the budget, compared the last couple years.

Findings: Clinics cost more than they make. Judges fees, marketing and advertising are always in the red. These consistently negative categories need to be reviewed. $5,000 more was spent in 2019 than 2020 due to Expo Park being significantly more. Brook moved to approve and Makayla second. M/S/C

Livestock awards have not come in yet. They will be distributed to leaders to present at club meetings.

Beef weigh-in is set for January 17th, 2021. Aimee made a motion to purchase a $50 gift card to Western Ranch Supply for Christina. Sandy 2nd. M/S/C

Executive committee will be adapting uniform financial policies across 4-H. Makayla made a motion to table financial policy review until the January meeting. Brook 2nd. M/S/C

There is a family that wants to use Wagyu cross beef for a market project. There isn’t anything in the rule book that limits breeds used for market projects. Continued education of feeding and finishing market projects is important.

Sandy moved to adjourn the meeting and Aimee 2nd. M/S/C

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lewis

Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders Secretary

Download the printable October 6, 2020 Cascade County 4-H Livestock Leaders meeting minutes.


Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Aimee Hachigan-Gould, Brenda Byrnes, Sandy Harshaw-Irvin, Katrina Emrich, Debbie Lynn, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Desiree Roth, Liz Jennings, Jill Mackey

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm by Brenda Byrnes.

Brook moved to approve the minutes as read. Seconded by Debbie Lynn. M/S/C

Treasurer’s Report:

Read by Brenda and stands with no questions or concerns.



Old Business:

Rule Changes –

#1 – Submitted by Desiree Roth

Current rule says that a buckle will be provided. Change – “Add option for a cash award of $150.00 instead of just buckle choice. The 4’Her can choose the buckle or the cash. Discussion – Will need to use “scholarship” as verbiage because Montana State 4-H Committee said cash prizes were NOT allowed. Should also include a requirement to tell how $ was used. Should be equivalent to value of the prize for the year because we get deals on buckles from year to year. AMENDED – “or equivalent prize or scholarship” – amended by Desiree

#2 – Submitted by Rose Malisani

Current rule states minimum steer weight of 1050 lbs. Change – “minimum steer weight will be 1100 lbs.” Discussion – Genetics need to be considered since some breeds finish at different weights and marbling is determined by fat. Beef Specialist Megan Van Emon states that across the state of Montana finish weights on steers are averaging 1100-1500 pounds so this change will even the playing field. Purpose behind the rule change is shrink the weight spread. Getting kids to understand carcass requirements is an education piece. Rule change proposal will move forward without changes.

By- Laws Committee

Brenda would like help to look over and propose changes for by laws to accommodate electronic meetings and anything else found. Debbie Lynn / Brook Gerard volunteered.

Officer Elections –

President – Brenda Brynes (accepts nomination)

Treasurer (needs to be filled mid-term) – Liz Jennings (accepts nomination)

Secretary – Heather Lewis (accepts nomination)

Brook moved to close nominations and vote on a unanimous slate of ballots. Debbie Linn seconded. M/S/C.

Project Days –

Horse and Livestock are being asked to move their education days to different days from past schedule to accommodate a series like approach. Based on varied discussion this is topic list and month, more detail to follow.

  • October – Carcass Results
  • November – Calf Selection. Rose will call Tim Bruner & Western Livestock Auction to see if we can come to the yards and look at calf varieties before a regularly scheduled sale. Orville Skogen, John Lane, and Travis Standley will also be contacted to present/host.
  • December – Join with horse to do ornaments/socialize. Date - 8 December 5-7pm.
  • January – Feeding & Nutrition Clinic (Melissa Jendro, Travis Standley, Jared Long being considered as presenters)
  • February – AI
  • March – LQA – more hands on approach
  • April – Swine & Beef fitting/showmanship clinic
  • May – Sheep & Goat fitting and showmanship clinic
  • May – Animal Weigh In
  • July – Show July 8-10, 2021
  • August – Award show and carcass results

New Business

Budget Committee

Brenda and treasurer would like to have other help create the budget for 2020-21.

Livestock Award Ceremony

Achievement night is virtual for 2020. Brook volunteered to attend club meetings and present awards when they arrive. For 2021, will try to have Dave Brink (Goat Specialist), Megan Von Eman (Beef Specialist), Brett Roeder (Sheep Specialist) and Rose Malisani (Swine Specialist) either do a in person presentation or do an explanation of carcass contests to kids.

Livestock, Meats, Crops Judging

Rose got decent response from kids who wish to be on these teams. Heather Lewis will talk to Eric Tilleman about scheduling practices for these teams. Lisa Jassen and Never Sweat Ranch will host a livestock judging contest in June.

Junior Livestock Leaders

Decided to have junior leaders sign up for a project versus having to fill out paperwork through office. Rose will ask 4-H Z Suites to add Junior Leader as a project.

Brook moved to adjourn the meetings 9:20 pm. Ginger second. M/S/C

Respectfully submitted,

Ol;Brook Gerard, Acting Secretary


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