Safeguard Montana agriculture, landscapes and public spaces from plant pests by providing identification services, management advice, and education. Minimize pesticide use by accurately identifying plant pests and providing science-based options for management. Detect new and invasive pests that pose a risk to Montana and to the U.S. so they do not become significant limitations to agricultural production and international trade. The Schutter Lab is seeking ways of making funding more stable so we can continue offering our services to the state of Montana. Please consider donating to the Schutter Lab through the MSU Alumni fund.


The Schutter Diagnostic Lab provides identification services for plants, plant diseases, insect infestation, insect damage, abiotic problems, and mushrooms. The lab is staffed by Mary Burrows, PhD, Plant Pathology Specialist; Eva Grimme, PhD, Plant Diagnostician; Laurie Kerzicnik, PhD, Associate Extension Specialist; and Noelle Orloff, PhD; Plant Identification Diagnostic; and Toby Day, Horticulture Associate.


John and Grace Schutter, a Manhattan area seed potato growing family, made a substantial financial contribution to the Montana State University Plant Bioscience Facility. The contribution funded the creation of the Schutter Diagnositic Laboratory in this facility and two scholarships for students in the MSU College of Agriculture. The Schutters moved to the Manhattan area from Holland in 1947 and began farming the following year. They began growing potatoes in 1952 and have built the business into one of the largest and best seed potato operations in the state. John Schutter served on the board of the Montana Seed Potato Improvement Association for many years, and now his son, Sid, is on the board. John Jr., Carl, Nick and Clifford also are involved in the family's potato business. The family has been heavily involved in MSU research, and all of the Schutters' children have attended MSU. The Schutters also have three daughters in the Manhattan area: Wilma Logterman, Sharon Kamp and Marian Kimm.