Dining With Diabetes - Coming Fall 2020

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Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: MSU Cascade County Extension
3300 3rd St NE, #9, Great Falls, MT 59404

Cost: Free! (Made possible by donations from Albertsons on NW Bypass)

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Dining with Diabetes is a cooking school and nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers.

In a series of four classes, cooking demonstrations will help you learn healthy techniques to use in your own kitchen. The program includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with a dietitian or certified diabetes educator, plus a follow-up reunion class held at a later date.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone with concerns about diabetes or anyone interested in controlling blood sugar is encouraged to participate and to bring a family member, friend, caregiver, or other support person.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Caregiver - Parent and Adult Child

Date: Fall 2020

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Cost: FREE!


If you are interested in the class or would like more information please contact Katrin Finch at MSU Cascade County Extension at 406-454-6980.


Powerful Tools for Caregivers program provides information and education for friends and relatives acting as caregivers for an adult with chronic medical conditions.

Join us for six two hour classes and to gain tools, knowledge and support to help you take better care of yourself to enable you to continue to be an effective caregiver.

This weekly series of classes is taught by certified class leaders Katrin Finch and Jona McNamee.


You CAN! Canning Classes - Coming Fall 2020

You CAN! canning classes is a four week series of classes where you will learn a variety of food preservation techniques. We'll cover jams, jellies, pickles, salsa, meats, vegetables, dehydration, and freezing. 


Want to request a program?

Katrin Finch serves as the Family and Consumer Sciences faculty member at the MSU Extenison Office in Cascade County. She is available to teach by request for groups by contacting her at 406-454-6980 or by email.


Meals in Minutes

Next Class: June 2020

Join us for an interactive and hands-on workshop learning how to prepare family meals in minutes using electric pressure cookers. We will be making food to eat at the conclusion of class. Please feel free to bring a snack if you need. Register as an individual for $20 or grab a friend and register as a team for $30.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Pressure cooker shopping tips
  • No fear pressure cooking
  • Food preparation pointers
  • Food demonstrations
  • Recipe booklets and samples
  • Food safety


Food Safety Classes

ServSafe Food Safety is offered through the MSU Cascade County Extension Office we provide the following classes:

  • ServSafe Food Manger Exam Proctoring
    • Please contact Katrin Finch at 406-454-6980 for details on the next proctoring session
  • ServSafe Food Handler Class (4 hour class)
    • Food handler course is a brief overview of the following topics: personal hygiene, controlling time and temperature, preventing cross contamination, and cleaning and sanitizing
  • ServSafe Food Manager Class (8 hours class)
    • The food manager course is an in-depth look at food safety and cover the following topics: safe food, forms of contamination, the flow of food, food safety management systems, safe facilities, and cleaning and sanitizing.
    • For questions regarding regulation and requirements please contact the local sanitarians. In Cascade County please contact the environmental Health Office at 406-454-6950
    • For more details on the ServSafe Food Manager class visit the ServSafe website
    •  To register for an upcoming ServSafe Food Manager Class in Cascade County visit our ServSafe registration page.

Food Preservation Classes

You Can! Canning Class Series - Learn the basics of water bath, pressure canning, and so much more. Classes will include jam/jelly, pickles, salsa, canning vegetables, and canning meats.

CHECK MONTGUIDES FOR FOOD PRESERVATION (Food preservation MontGuides can be found on the MSU Publications website )


Interested in attending classes offered by MSU Cascade County Extension? Be sure to complete the contact me form and we will send you an email on upcoming classes in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences!


Montana Kinship Navigator Program (MTKNP)

Today in Montana, there are over 6,600 kinship caregivers providing care to children without parental support. This group was formed to provide support and education for the kinship caregivers right here in Cascade County. The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Project was established in 2002 and has taken many forms across the state, most recently changing its name to the Montana Kinship Navigator Program (MTKNP). For more information at the state level visit the Montana Kinship Navigator Program (GRG) website or email mtknp@montana.edu . For more information about the MTKNP Support Group in Cascade County please contact the MSU Cascade County Extension Office at 406-454-6980 or email katrin.finch@montana.edu


Katrin Finch serves as the Family and Consumer Sciences faculty member at the MSU Extenison Office in Cascade County. She is available to teach by request for groups by contacting her at 406-454-6980 or by email.


Family Economics and Financial Mangement Classes

  • SolidFinances
    • Solid Finances is series of free financial education webinars. The webinars are designed to empower you to take control of your finances by improving your knowledge of personal finance topics. 
  • Marlin the Monkey - financial education for youngsters! Explore the world of earn, save, spend from Marlin's point of view - collect as many bananas you can through a story telling experience!
  • Who Wants to be a Credit Score Millionaire - financial education for teens and adults! Learn about how complex credit scores can be! Topics include what can effect your credit score as well as how to use your credit wisely. Contact Katrin Finch for more information!

Health and Human Development Classes

  • DEEP (Diabetes Education Empowerment Program)
  • Walking With Ease
  • Assistive Devices
  • Dining With Diabetes

Other Information and MSU MontGuides

For more information published by MSU Extension feel free to visit our website at MSU Extension Publication Store


Katrin Finch serves as the Family and Consumer Sciences faculty member at the MSU Extenison Office in Cascade County. She is available to teach by request for groups by contacting her at 406-454-6980 or by email.

 Connect via the MSU Cascade County Extension Facebook page and watch local news media to learn about Family and Consumer Science classes and programs happening in your area.





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